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Aviva Premiership Roundup Week 5

What a weekend of rugby we have in store! Some of the games on the cards this weekend are simply not to be missed, most notably that fiercest of West Country rivalries that will be played out between Bath and Glos on Saturday. It doesn’t really matter what the result of this game, is, it is like watching Punch and Judy go hammer and tongs for 80 minutes in what is not only a battle of the brain and brawn fought out on the pitch but also a grand battle of volume between two of the most vociferous supporting crowds the premiership has to offer. I lie, the result does matter and it matters big time to Gloucester at the moment. A misfiring start to this campaign will probably put them on the back foot but if there is another team other than Bath that can bring out the worst and the best in the Cherry and Whites I don’t know who it is. Expect fireworks.

Bristol Vs Sarries probably doesn’t warrant the largest body of text in this blog, but I’d imagine it will be a stream of fairly rapid one-way traffic down at Ashton Gate. I wish it wasn’t and somebody could put the brakes on the Saracens juggernaut again, but I think we might need to wait a while. In good news for Bristol, this is probably the last game of what has been a nightmare welcome back to the premiership and they might have half a chance of grabbing some points going forward!

Saints Vs Chiefs should be a treat of a game as well. Northampton reeling from a set of early body blows and Exeter wanting to put the dull start to the season firmly in the locker, there should be a good performance from both sides here. Home advantage at Sandy Park for the Chiefs means a lot as they have had the home ground on lock down for a long time, save for that early season slip up, you are casting your mind a long way back to remember the last home defeat. We will see here, but I think the Chiefs are going to want to show up and show Northampton the door for the home crowd.

Sale are going to have to back themselves hard against a fairly useful looking Leicester side to make it count on Saturday, but they’ve been known to cause upset in their own back yard in previous seasons and I wouldn’t put it past them to have a pop at upsetting the rule book in this game. They need the points and they’ll put their all into getting them.

Coming up against Wasps at the moment is about as scary a proposition as coming up against Sarries was last season, but seeing as Quins managed to tip Saracens over last weekend, there is nothing to say they couldn’t do the same here against Wasps. Tough gig on any day, but if was to make a prediction on this one, I’d literally be sticking my finger in the air, so let’s just watch it play out.

Worcester have got the home advantage where they really need to be thinking about walking away with four points and let’s be honest who wouldn’t like to see them have a punt at grabbing five? Desperately unlucky not to have any winning points on the board yet with two draws and two losses. Except for the mauling they took against Bath, Newcastle have had a good start to their campaign, pipping Sale, running Leicester close and getting the better of Glos last weekend, so they’re going to come out swinging and I wouldn’t expect them go down easy.

So there you have it, what promises to be a crackerjack of a weekend in the Aviva Prem.

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