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beaufort Polo Club Update


A 2 goal fest was the order of the day at the Beaufort this weekend. 6 teams entered the ever

popular 2 goal weekend tournament that provided some open running polo, skilled shot-making and

great match craft. “2 goal at Beaufort is more like 4 goal at other clubs – it’s just so competitive”

was a sentiment expressed by a number of players and fans over the weekend.


Neptune Group, consisting of the three Boyd brothers and determined 1 goaler Johann Spendier

were drawn with Pete Baldwin’s Shibumi and Indubitable in the first American Tournament on

Saturday afternoon. The group appeared to be between Shibumi and Indubitable, however Neptune

– who were 2 goals down on handicap – used dogged determination and hard graft to put two wins

together and land a place in the final. “Will wonders never cease?!” said a delighted Creighton Boyd

after making the final “I don’t think anyone is more surprised to be in the Final than us!”


In the other side of the draw, Harrison Clarke looked good against The Bees, only to get thumped 4

to a ½ by a determined Inglestone Farm side. Amazingly it would be the Bees who gave Inglestone

their closest game of the weekend, Barney Wilson and Freddie “Housewives choice” Meade having

outstanding games and keeping the score to 3-2 and setting up an all Irish final on the Sunday.


Neptune (starting with a 1 ½ goal advantage on handicap) were out of the blocks quickly and a

lightening downhill burst on Boundry ground took them to an early 2 ½ goal advantage. There

advantage however was to be short-lived – Inglestone had been beaten, and beaten well by

Neptune in their previous encounter 6 weeks previously, and Inglestone Principal Stephen

Hutchinson was in no mood for a repeat – by half time Inglestone were up by 7 to 2 ½ and showed

no signs of backing off. “The bad news for them is that were now on our best horses” said a

beaming Stephen Hutchinson as her came out for the third chukka. Neptune had been given a

rousing team talk by 5 goal Argentine Jacinto Crotto and came out for the third chukka aggressively,

Johann Spendier man marking Max Hutchinson as if his life depended on it. Neptune were able to

stem the Inglestone tide by sheer hard work and tight marking and leaked just one goal during the

third chukka. Neptune had their opportunities but were unable to capitalise. Neptune continued to

work hard in the final chukka however the Inglestone train just kept on rolling, and they added one

more to make the score 9 to 2 ½ at the final hooter.


Paul Whitbread of the Royal Oak, Leighterton presented the prizes to the Finalists. “Our thanks

again go to Paul and Antonia at the Royal Oak” Said Director of Polo Olly Hughes “Their support of

this hugely popular series of tournaments has been fantastic”.


In the Subsidiary Final, Harrison Clarke emerged triumphant against Indupitable and in the battle to

avoid the wooden spoon, Shibumi beat Bees, 4 to 3 – tournament debutant Chris Walker not only

scoring , but also making a match clinching backhand that preserved his teams lead late in the final


Miles Underwood