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Blog posts of '2011' 'August'

Peter Andre wears Raging Bull on his show


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Phil Vickery Explores New Zealand


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Beaufort Polo Clubs Babdown Cup Highlights


Apache March on..!!
The Dears team emerge victorious in the Babdown Cup
8th August 2011
Apache continued their fantastic 2011 season with a great win in the Non playing members
tournament for the Babdown Cup at Beaufort on Sunday. This was the latest win for Janey Dear’s
quartet during a seas...
beaufort Polo Club Update


A 2 goal fest was the order of the day at the Beaufort this weekend. 6 teams entered the ever

popular 2 goal weekend tournament that provided some open running polo, skilled shot-making and

great match craft. “2 goal at Beaufort is more like 4 goal at other clubs – it’s just so competitive”