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England 67 vs Romania 3 Phil's Post match thoughts

Felt distraught for Scotland this weekend as they played really well against Argentina and just a few lapses in concentration let them down. However for the neutral it is good news as it means the England v Scotland match next Saturday will be a do or die affair and should be an absolute cracker.

England Scotland games are always a bit feisty and this will be ratcheted up several notches as a world cup game – the first time since ’91 that these two have played each other in the competition. Scotland have a canny coach with Andy Robinson my old coach from the England days who is a superb tactician so this result is anything but a foregone conclusion.

England should win but I have many times played games for England that we should have won but we didn’t! I am still having a quite incredible time here in New Zealand albeit that I am not seeing too much of the actual country! However wherever we go the Kiwi supporters have been brilliant and with the All Blacks beating their nemesis France and their rugby league side beating an Australian one they are pretty happy people at the moment.