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Let’s go Continental for the weekend

To celebrate this weekend’s final of the European Rugby Cup give your wardrobe an Anglo-French twist

We all rather like the British dress sense and our ability to really work a button down shirt with a pair of chinos or a simple polo under a blazer.

However a little dash of some French chic never goes amiss and let’s be honest our European brethren do rather nail a certain look.   Let’s take Linen for example. French and Italian men look so effortlessly stylish in linen whereas British men can look a bit – crumpled?  

So - because we like that Continental look and we think it can work on all men we want to introduce you to the new arrival - our Raging Bull Blue Linen blazer.   It’s a perfect mix of fabrics which means you get the relaxed linen look without all the creases plus the tailoring is a bit more British so more structured for a better fit and sharper silhouette. Available in two shades of blue with a natty pink striped lining and matching pocket hankerchef you can team up with our raspberry or stone chinos and Breton striped polo. Voila - British with a dash of Gallic flair!

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