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Mercedes-Benz of Cheltenham & Gloucester Dress Up with Raging Bull

Two leading Gloucestershire companies, Mercedes-Benz of Cheltenham and Gloucester and clothing company Raging Bull has formed an innovative new affiliation.

The Mercedes-Benz dealership, which is one of the largest in Gloucestershire, has announced a partnership with Raging Bull that will see members of its staff dressed in smartly tailored crisp cotton shirts from the brand's collection.  The two companies will also work together on initiatives to jointly promote their businesses with promotions, competitions and personal appearances all being planned.

The two brands, whilst being more than a century apart in terms of age, work together very well.  Mercedes-Benz is a globally recognised brand that works hard to localise through support of local companies and communities; whereas Raging Bull is a local brand that is working to globalise in a similar way.

Said Paul Simpson, Sales Director Mercedes-Benz Cheltenham & Gloucester, “We’re delighted to be associated with Raging Bull, having followed, with interest, the company’s growth from concept to the mainstream brand it is today.  The fact that Raging Bull is a local business made it an obvious choice for us when we were on the lookout for new shirts for our award-winning sales team.  We have 8 sales executives and 1 sales apprentice managed by a 4 strong team and it’s important we’re all smartly turned out.  We believe a quality appearance compliments the quality of the Mercedes-Benz product.

We are delighted with the quality of the shirts and look forward to a long partnership with Raging Bull.”

Phil Vickery’s Gloucestershire based clothing company Raging Bull is a local success story with the brand stocked in major department stores around the UK and more recently in Europe and Middle East. Closer to home, however, the famous bull logo will now be seen in the prestige car dealership - Mercedes-Benz Cheltenham & Gloucester.

Managing Director of Raging Bull Shannon Mercer is delighted with the tie up; "To have a link with such a high profile and international brand such as Mercedes-Benz is hugely exciting for us and we are looking forward enormously to developing the relationship.”