Phil Vickery at the Gloucester Quays Food Festival

The festival runs until Sunday, July 22, and celebrates food and drink from around thUK, as well as showcasing home-grown Gloucestershire and Cotswolds delicacies. Mr Vickery, who also has a clothing range, Raging Bull, available at House of Fraser in Worcester, admits food has always played a big part in his life.

 He said: "I've always loved cooking and food in general. "I grew up on a farm in Cornwall and the kitchen was always the focal point of the house, with my mum cooking up wonderful lunches and dinners for the workers when they came in from the fields. "The ingredients were always fresh, and there was plenty to go round, so food has always played a big part in my life." During the festival, Mr Vickery will be showing people that cooking good food doesn't need to be complicated. He said:

"It's about using quality ingredients and focusing on simple flavours. "I'm also roping in a couple of surprise guest for my 4.30pm appearance on the Friday, where I'll put them under a bit of the pressure I've experienced. Hopefully we cahave a bit of fun. "The pressure he refers to is his time on Celebrity Masterchef, which Mr Vickery said was the "hardest and most stressful" thing he's ever done. "In rugby, you always have the support of your team-mates around you. Celebrity Masterchef took me out of my comfort zone and I was operating on my own ," he said. "In my first studio test my hands were shaking so much I could barely crack an egg properly." But he also urged people who believe they can't cook to "give it a go". He said: "The worst that will happen is it doesn't turn out just right, but you'll learn as you go and it will get better every time. If I can win Celebrity Masterchef, then anyone can do it."


Source: Elizabeth Sweetman, Worcester News