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Phil's Post Six Nations Thoughts

So Irish Eyes were smiling on Saturday and by heck what an afternoon that was. If you were stuck on the sofa as I advised and watched all three games then it unfolded like a beaut with each game racking up the pressure on the next team to play! I had expected Wales to rack up the points but with a brutal and clinical display they almost won the title. A last minute try from the Italians gave some breathing space for the other two teams in the championship race but not much.

Ireland with a different mindset decided to play with some flair and freedom and the Scots seemed to lose all confidence and implode. Ireland  have deserved the Championship title and many congratulations to them but how ridiculously close it has all been coming down to points difference on the final day.

As for England I had wanted them to show a bit more grit and brute force. To boss and dominate a bit more before they let the fancy boys do their stuff. I can't help but take my hat off to the amazing tries scored and the brilliant attacking play but I was still left feeling that actually 26-0 would have been good enough. Perhaps a tighter defense to keep France locked out and a building of the score board might have given us the points difference we needed to claim the Championship. However my optimistic side says England are still growing and improving and if they can combine that attack with the dogged defense they displayed in the early days of Lancaster's reign I for one think they could go all the way in the World Cup.