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Successful Twitterers


So who is succeeding in the Twitter game? Take Raging Bull, a Gloucestershire-based sportswear brand. Its founder, Phil Vickery (of London Wasps and England rugby fame), heads up its Twitter account. We introduced his profile with a quick hello to the top followers of his sport and followed up with a few informal posts of interest to rugby players and fans and his network grew to over 600 followers within days.

The Raging Bull profile uses Phil’s own informal photograph in the profile and a direct link to This sets the expectation from the beginning that those following Vickery will get a mix of commercial posts, intertwined with updates from his private world. 

Book retailer Waterstones engaged Twitter to promote a book by Ant and Dec. This took the form of an online interview (or Twinterview), allowing the celebrities to post replies to questions in real time from a wide target group.

This closeness to a real person encouraged debate and raised follower numbers for the Waterstones brand for a relatively small outlay.

Examples like this show that Twitter can be effective for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Twitter offers an insight into who you are talking to and what’s on your mind. Used as a tool for reputation management and as a space for your clients to become ambassadors, it’s well worth the investment of time.

Alex Sass is head of digital at Renegade Media.