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Dec 18, 2023

Winter Coats and Jackets

Date: Dec 18, 2023 Updated Date:
Winter Coats and Jackets

Fashion trends can evolve quickly, but staying warm and dry has never gone out of fashion, especially in our cold and wet winters in the UK. Every winter season Raging Bull design men’s coats, jackets and blazers to meet the most recently evolved trends and to ensure the quality of our clothing is of the very highest level.

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This season we brought back some design staples, updated a few firm favourites with new colours and delivered some bang up to date designs – like the Khaki Biker Jacket and a very smart Quilted Herringbone Jacket.

But our customers have loved our Gilets this season more than ever, especially the zip through Fleece Gilets which have flown out of the door – layering is something we design for and recommend to get a great look and stay warm and flexible this winter.

Classic, well-tailored coats in classic colours like black, navy, grey and khaki have always been popular, featuring clean lines and simple designs that don’t change much year after year, making them ideal investments for both formal and casual occasions.

Puffer Jackets continue to be a very popular choice, offering warmth and a casual sporty look. Our designers often play with different textures, colours and lengths to add variety to this classic winter style.

Wool Blazers have been one of the most popular items from Raging Bull this season, we brought two different styles to the store and they both blew us away with their popularity. The Charcoal Grey Blazer was a huge hit and the Navy/Grey Blazer was close on its heels. We will definitely be looking to bring those back, no doubt with a few design and detail tweaks to keep them up to date.

Functional and practical Utility Jackets are commonly worn for their ability to withstand harsh weather, we count a lot of farmers and other professions that work outdoors among our customers, and it’s rewarding to see our coats and jackets put to good use and standing the test of time against the elements.

We’re getting ready to unleash our range of Spring and Summer coats and jackets, with some bold colours and updated designs. It’s hard to imagine days that we’ll only need a light linen blazer when we’re in the middle of winter, but Spring will be here sooner than you know it.

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